Luca B. Bettenzoli emotions & color


My name is Luca

I am a painter and material design artists and it would be a pleasure for me to flood your house with light

flowing free feelings

his works express feelings and emotions clenched

explosive colors

sunny ornaments and glowing contrasts are his trademark

inspiring new impulses

uts different trends and techniques are innovative and alive








Luca B. Bettenzoli is a young Italian artist, born in 1973 in Vicenza Italy. He worked four years in Paris and in London, where his works were exhibited. His work is strong inspired by his very own emotions and also thos of his friends and artist colleagues. His works shows in a incredible way the flow of free emotions and the tendency to abstract differentiated trends in unconventional, inimitable language.

The big breath

Bettenzoli's Abstractismus is partially clearly drawn and sometimes total absolutely. His pictures show the power of the big breath. Bright dynamic and explosive colors are typically for his work. Colors are the actors of his dramatic radiance. The Bettenzoli artworks are harmonious combinations of ascending contrasts and compositions of admirable symphonies. This artist convinced with many large-scale oil paintings that impresses the spectator forcefully. Its flexibility in performing various trends and techniques never leaves the space of theauthentic area.


A sensitive artist and mature character. We are not confronted by a figurative painter or affective abstractionism. The work of this artist showcase successful internal projections and vibrations of the soul that is followed by a estetic communication towards the audience. Open communication opens up new spaces, dimensions and inspired fresh impulses.

Cau. prof. Manleo Manuati Deutschuon Dr. Hotte Alrici (Germany)